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Severe Rise Games was organized by like-minded people with the same enthusiasm in Cryptoverse, Blockchain, NFT and Play-to-Earn games in the hopes of empowering gamers, players and investors while playing our games and incentivize and reward them with our own native token. Prepare for a journey filled with endless possibilities as you face off against various opponents.

General Roadmap
Stage 1
Conceptualizing the Entire Project
Team Building
Deploying a Smart Contract through PinkSale, the Contract is under BSC
Game Selection
Deploying Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Telegram
Private Sale
Propagating Domain and Subdomains
Finalizing Our Tokenomics
Locked 50% of Development Fund in DxLock for One Year
Stage 2
Listing Our Token on PinkSale for Pre-Sale
Locking Liquidity on PanCakeSwap and/or ApeSwap
Security Audit for Our Contract
Opening the First Game's Beta Testing
Stage 3
Official Launching of Our First Game with Play-to-Earn Environment
Listing Our Token to CoinMarketCap
Listing Our Token to Coingecko
Listing Our Token to CEX (Azbit.com)
Listing to Other Exchanges
Stage 4
NFT Contract Deployment and Collaborating it to Our Games
On-Going Development for the First Game
Gathering of Ideas for the Next Game (2nd Game)
Additional Market Listing for Our Token
Our Token

Our native token is Severe Rise Games with a ticker SRGT. Deployed in Binance Smart Chain under BEP20 Protocol. It has a maximum supply of 1B (1,000,000,000) and around 5% of max supply will be burned from time to time. You may find it in BSCSCAN.

  • Development 20% of Current Supply | 10% of Max Supply
    → 100,000,000 locked via PinkLock 


  • Liquid 5% of Current Supply | 2.5% of Max Supply
    Pair Address
    → PanCakeSwap Liquidity




  • Holders 33% of Current Supply | 16.5% of Max Supply


  • BURNED 50% of Max Supply
    → around 500,000,000 $SRGT have been burned to DEAD Address