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Mission, Vision, Goals

Severe Rise Games was initiated as an answer to the growing demand of the intriguing blockchain technology, NFT, and Play-to-Earn environment.
For the past couple of years, we saw the slowly rising marketability of the gaming industry most especially here in the Philippines. Conversely, we also observed that our intrepid players have been paying for games and in-game currencies without yielding any rewards.
By this, we aim to provide our gamers a sustainable platform that could bring forth a more satisfying experience for them by compensating them for their time, effort, and money spent thru our token, Severe Rise Game Token (SRGT).

We strongly believe that through the collaborative efforts of the team, we will be able to rise up to the challenge of revolutionizing the gaming industry by adopting today’s blockchain technology.


The world has always been challenged by inflation. However, we hope to offer longevity, sustainability and to amplify the real-world value of SRGT that would lead to an increase in demand in the future.