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  • Development 20% of Max Supply
    → 100,000,000 locked for 3 years via PinkLock
    → 80,000,000 locked for 1 year via Unicrypt with monthly vesting
    → 20,000,000 already used during the initial development and team staff salaries & wages and compensation


  • Liquidity 20% of Max Supply
    → 200,000,000 temporarily locked via PinkLock until December 13, 2021
    → Subject to be added to PanCakeSwap liquidity
    → Subject to be added in exchange upon listing like p2pb2b, coinex, etc.


  • Rewards Pool 15% of Max Supply
    → 150,000,000 locked until December 15, 2021
    → Subject for re-lock, prolonged locking depending on our game’s reward circulation
    → we have decided to lock this since players need to fee at least 20,000 SRGT to create a char, so it will fill/refill our rewards pool


  • Marketing 10% of Max Supply
    → 100,000,000 locked for 3 months or until needed
    → if it’s not necessarily needed, it is subject to relock for a longer period, reserved for future games
    → 10,000,000 Gleam Pre-Launch Competition’s Winners and Participants Rewards shall be taken from Contract Owner’s Wallet Balance (remaining from Pre-Sale)
    → because we know everyone is making that an issue that the owner is holding around 17M tokens, but once Marketing Funds will be unlocked, it will be credited
  • Charity 8% of Max Supply
    → 80,000,000 locked for 1 year via Unicrypt


  • Contingency 7% of Max Supply
    → 70,000,000 locked until January 22, 2022 via PinkLock
    → Subject to for relock if it’s not necessarily needed to be used
    → this allocation could also be used for BURNING when needed


  • BURNING 10% of Max Supply
    → 50,000,000 already burned, it’s a guaranteed burning allocation
    → 50,000,000 additional BURNING, already BURNED after Pre-Sale


  • Pre-Sale 7% of Max Supply
    → 40,000,000 as Pre-Sale via PinkSale
    → Filled Hard Cap at 50 BNB
    → around 15,000,000 were put to PanCakeSwap Liquidity together with 10 BNB
    → around 15,000,000 still in Contract Owner’s Address (see #Marketing, 10M should be taken here for Gleam Rewards)


  • Private Sale 3% of Max Supply
    → 30,000,000 Filled